TikTok tests the waters with Shoppable Livestream Ads

TikTok tests the waters with Shoppable Livestream Ads

27 August 2020 |

Social Media

In a first for the video app platform, TikTok has beta launched TikTok Shoppable Livestream ads. Users can now seamlessly engage in streams and purchase products without having to leave the popular app. Now with almost 1 billion users worldwide reaching into 154 countries, TikTok has managed to hook young audiences around the world with their scrappy, goofy and fast-moving videos.

TikTok Shoppable Livestream Ads Delivered by NTWRK

NTWRK, an innovative video shopping platform has partnered with TikTok to create a shopping experience through their livestream service, enabled with a pop-up page so users never need to leave the app. In a move that seeks to keep users within their walled garden, the improved user experience not only creates a new revenue model for ByteDance (creator of the highly popular 15-second video app) but also sets up an enticing new revenue stream for creators, artists, brands, influencers, and the e-commerce market.

Their main rival Instagram has been leading in terms of shopping user experiences, including it’s recent launch of their e-commerce hub called Instagram Shop. Facebook has also been aggressively rolling out their shopping features helping small businesses create extensive digital storefronts.

As more of the social networks continue to develop their shopping experiences you can be sure that their corporate eyes are well and truly on the prize of the Gen-Z market, and that seamless consumer experiences is seen as the holy grail of purchaser conversion. TikTok’s experiment this week is the biggest indication yet that they’re not far behind in becoming the next big player in e-commerce.

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