Tinder Advertising

Tinder Advertising

10 September 2020 |

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Tinder is the world’s leading social app for meeting new people. Tinder advertising was available to buy programmatically  in 2019. The social networking app allows marketers to reach audiences in the 18-45+ age group. These audiences are found across 193 countries. Tinder is a cultural phenomenon and was the first app to introduce swipe-matching with over 2 billion swipes occurring everyday.

Tinder lets brands to reach their consumer in an environment which is centred around possibility.

  • 75% of users are millennials

  • Tinder is male skewed with 60% Male and 40% Female

  • 44% of users are 18-24 and 30% 25-34.

  • 235 minutes are spent on the app every month

 Tips for creating engaging ads for Tinder: 

  • Users want tips and ideas for social outings and dates so ads should reflect the environment they are appearing in

  • Tinder is a fast paced environment so make sure creative is simple, yet engaging. Clear Call to Actions are crucial  to get the user to swipe on the card.

  • Best performing creative have been seasonal holiday updates (Valentines Day) offers or sales or premiere dates. We would recommend running Tinder for awareness based activity.

  • Use a fun tone and playful content to align with Tinder’s social environment.

There are two ad options when running Tinder Advertising- native static cards and native video. 

Native Video: Can leverage first party data such as age, gender, location.

  • It is effective at driving action from users as video tends to be more engaging in the fast paced environment.


Tinder Advertisng: Video and text card ad

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Native Static Image: Can also leverage first party data and it is crucial the ad is vibrant and displays a strong CTA in order to differentiate from user dating profiles.

Tinder Advertising: Image and Text Card ad

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Reach out to the Activations team if you would like to activate advertising on Tinder

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