TV Fightback against digital video

TV Fightback against digital video

25 February 2021 |

Media and Advertising Industry

Is traditional video making a comeback?

Traditional TV as a channel is not yet dead and is experiencing a fightback against the growth of digital video products. Traditional TV is pivoting and competing with other video channels when it comes to driving and maximising ROI goals.

Exceptional growth of Connected TV

The biggest shift in the needle has come from digital and the advancements in addressability across Connected TV. In the US, advertising across streaming services is expected to double in the next 5 years. In Australia 30% of the market is consuming content on a Connected TV screen daily – a growth of 22% in the past 12 months. In addition to this, a large portion of the Connected TV viewing audience consists of a younger demographic, who are much harder to reach on traditional platforms.

Recognising the opportunity, your ADMATICians have launched for our clients a targeted Performance TV service offering.

Performance TV

Performance TV differs to standard Broadcast Video on Demand with the ability to tie Connected TV media investment to a ROAS/ROI goal.  As part of our Performance TV product, ADMATIC’s partnership with location platforms can accurately determine whether or not a device or IP address has been previously exposed to an online video ad, fuelling decisions to take action in store. We achieve this based on unique Lat/Long coordinates of predetermined registered stores/businesses.

In addition to this, we have the ability to connect and ingest business POS (Point Of Sale) data in order to determine action points in store i.e. if a purchase was made as well as understanding its value.  This provides a monumental shift in the attribution advancements across TV, thus bridging the gap between online and offline media investments.

The power of the largest screen in the home is now reaching further into the digital lives of your customers. ADMATIC’s Performance TV demonstrates that this traditional branding channel can now fuel intent and drive lower funnel outcomes, and your ADMATICians can measure all of this.