22 May 2020 |

Social Media

The gaming industry is the highest grossing industry compared to Music and Movies, generating $134.9 billion dollars. Twitch, is a multi player entertainment platform that facilitates live gaming and viewing. It is considered the future of entertainment, encompassing gaming, creative, sports, talk shows, esports and entertainment content.

  • Twitch has 2.6m monthly unique users in Australia

  • 15.7 million hours watched

  • A demographic split of 73% male and 27% female

  • 44% of users are 16-24 and 32% are 25-34

The Twitch audience is different. Users are highly focused on community with 58% believing the internet makes them feel closer to people. 40% of users tend to buy brands they see advertised on the Twitch platform. At any given time, there are over 1.6m people watching content live on Twitch.

How does the platform work?

  • The twitch ecosystem is made up of Twitch Creators who produce great content that viewers want to see and Engaged Viewers who watch, browse, chat, buy, follow and subscribe.

  • Community based funding is integral to the Twitch ecosystem where fans can directly support their favourite creators via monetary donations.

  • Twitch creators become verified with a purple tick and once verified can run ads alongside their broadcast. These creators are manually verified to maintain brand safety integrity.

  • High level of brand safety: filtered chats, moderation by humans and bot detection removes false viewers from the platform.

What do ads look like on Twitch: 

  • Cross screen video: Your creative video asset is incorporated into live broadcasts across desktop, mobile or tablet. It is un-skippable and appears on the Channel page.

  • Sure stream: video technology that brings more to the ad delivery experience by seamlessly weaving ads directly into the broadcast, supporting both advertisers and the creators. Adblock resistant and un-skippable.

The Twitch community are highly receptive to advertising as it is a sign of a creators success and the engaged audience often encourages creators to run more ads. Therefore it is even more important that advertisers use ads that will resonate with the audience.