03 July 2020 |

Social Media

Twitter is the leading news app globally, where users interact and share information with their followers, engaging in conversations with people they follow, news outlets and brands. Typically Twitter users are in a discovery mindset, connecting with current events and communicating with others in the Twitter community. This lends Twitter to being a platform that is great for promoting a brand’s story in an organic, conversational way.

Advertising options? 

Twitter’s user base is growing rapidly allowing brands to serve monetizable content to an audience that has grown by 45% in the last 3 years.

Promoted Video & Tweet: Text and Image  and videos placement appearing in the users feed and can be discoverable alongside content partnerships with premium publishers.

First View: Advertisers can own the first eligible video ad impression for every user over 24 hours. Driving efficient brand recall and engagement.

Trend Spotlight: Advertisers can take over Twitters explore page for 24hrs. Ads will appear at the top of trending articles and content. This placement drives strong brand recall and high brand consideration.

In-Stream Sponsorship’s:  Align your brand with popular events by partnering with Twitter’s 950 premium publishers across news, music, entertainment, sports. Users engage with the platform when major events happen and advertisers can leverage more eyeballs on the platform with sponsorship’s. More than 50% of users who use the platform daily already follow premium publishers within the in-stream network. 

Community or Keyboard Warriors? 

There’s no denying some content on Twitter is generated by keyboard warriors (#fakenews), however brand safety is integral to promoted content. All of Twitter’s sponsored content are required to pass brand safety measures such as algorithmic checks, manual review by actual humans and compliance from publisher partners.

To better understand your options across this platform, contact your ADMATICian.