11 March 2021 |

Display, Video, Audio

Unruly is determined to break down the mysteries of human psychology and data-led advertising. The video advertising platform has been around since 2006, originating in London. They have since expanded operations internationally, and were eventually acquired by News Corp in 2015. Unruly’s mission is to develop unique audience insight technology, offering creative solutions to seamlessly integrate targeting. Emotional targeting is at the forefront of their tech innovation, aiming to follow the consumer journey across a campaign lifecycle.

First and foremost, UnrulyX is a supply side platform, specializing in premium & brand safe inventory. Unruly works directly with premium publishers such as Forbes, The Telegraph and news.com.au. UnrulyX shield can also be applied across UnrulyX activity to ensure ads appear in brand safe environments using partnerships with Grapeshot, Moat and Doubleverify. 

What Ad formats does UNRULY offer?

As a video distribution platform, Unruly offers a range of video and display options to capture user’s attention and engagement in several unique ways.

  • Social display: mobile web inventory
  • Instream: appearing before premium video content
  • Vertical video: highly engaging
  • Outstream: video inventory without need for video content
  • Unmissable: 100% viewable that remains in sight while scrolling

Unruly has extended its reach into the vast pool of digital advertising, with more services available in recent years. 

UnrulyEQ is a suite of products embedded with an emotional data focus – developed based on cultural trends and insights. With 2 distinct audience targeting options:

Ready to go audiences

These audiences are convenient for campaigns with learning limitations. They are pre-developed and ‘ready to go’ with emotional, cultural, motivational and personality based segments. No content testing is required and this is available directly via UnrulyX.

Custom audiences

Use of key metrics such as completion rate, brand favourability and recall to target audiences with the highest chance of sparking an emotional response. Unruly also offers audience targeting based on intent and affinities with similar brands/products.

What else?

Unruly EQ can help you understand the emotional and business impact of delivered content by calculating an UnrulyEQ score on videos. By taking into account emotional engagement, brand impact and purchase potential unruly is able to forecast insights into benchmark video performance for your ads.

By integrating data and emotion into their innovative suite of services, Unruly is taking advantage of effective video advertising strategy. If video production is not a point of strength in your business, Unruly can also deliver expertise in this field. With an enhanced video editing tool and further access to pre-launch analysis – your content is sure to resonate amongst your target audience.

Whether your marketing philosophy is weighted towards creativity, emotions or KPIs – Unruly can find the sweet spot for telling your brand or client’s story.

If you are interest in learning more about Unruly or testing it across your campaigns, contact your ADMATCians