What do brands need to know about GA4?

What do brands need to know about GA4?

04 August 2022 |

Data, Insights, Privacy

A media frenzy is stirred up when one of our favorite analytics tools came out with a new version that is said to have the features to bring enhancing data and analytics to the next level. Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics from July 1st in the year 2023. So, let’s take a step back and see how GA4 can benefit businesses.

Better visibility across user touchpoints

With GA4, brands will now be provided a more complete view of the customer journey, rather than separating data by platforms.

New and improved attribution 

Data-driven attribution will be the new normal. Google’s attribution algorithm will give credits to user touch points, giving an improved insight into which marketing activities convert.

Prioritizing behavioral segmentation

GA4 will start prioritizing tracking behavioral data, giving access to a more intelligent insight into the customer journey. It also helps businesses remain in line with compliance requirements as we shift towards a privacy-first web.

Predictive analytics

GA4 will utilize machine learning to find insights into predicted user behavior through 3 metrics: Purchase profitability, churn profitability, and predicted revenue.

Custom reporting

GA4 will take down the barrier of default reporting and gives brands the freedom to customize reporting across key business objectives.

Expanded integrations

Integration with other Google products to provide a more robust cross-channel reporting will also be eased with GA4.

But with all the sunshine and rainbows, GA4 also comes with some limitations:

First, not all the metrics available in UA will be available as we transition to GA4. However, not to worry, brands should be able to construct something similar. Second, as of now, there is still no way to migrate data across UA to GA4, in the meantime brands will have to find their solution. Lastly, UA properties will be deleted. Google has a plan to stop the collection of data from UA from 1st July 2023. So, it is strongly suggested that the brand starts shifting campaign operations to GA4 ahead of its disappearance.

While it may seem to be a hand full, just like everything new seems to, the GA4 will certainly give brands a deeper and more comprehensive reporting to further understand their customer behavior. If you want to prepare better for this massive shift in Google for your business, our team of ADMATICians is willing and eager to help.