What is Gmail Advertising?

What is Gmail Advertising?

04 March 2021 |

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What is Gmail advertising?

Gmail Advertising is an effective channel to communicate with your target audience. Users can be exposed to Gmail advertising through their Gmail accounts, where ads are displayed and when clicked on, expand into text, image or video placements. The ads include a brief snippet of content and also link to an advertisers landing page.

Housed in the “social and promotion” tab of the gmail dashboard, Gmail ads appear more natively in this section and do not interfere with the user’s personal browsing. Given this separation, users are more likely to engage with the ads as clicking on the promotion shows a high level of user intent. Once clicked, Gmail ads can be expanded to the size of the email and offer single business or multi retailer ad formats. Ads can also be saved or forwarded as an email.

What are the key Gmail advertising formats?

Single Business: 

  • These ads show only one business at a time and link directly to the brand’s marketplace app as well as offering product information, prices, embedded forms and can utilise various ad formats. 

Multi retailer: 

  • The ads feature multiple advertiser’s products or offers and within the body of the ad with price, product image and any available ratings. Once the ad is clicked on the users is taken directly to the product landing page. 

Why should you introduce Gmail advertising into your Marketing Strategy?

Gmail Ads allow you to understand how people engage with your ads in different ways. As well as tracking the standard Click-through Rate, Google shows the number of people who save, forward, and visit your website after viewing your ads. These insights are crucial for refining future ads and optimising performance.

Gmail ads are effective at retargeting users already in your funnel, including users who have previously searched for your brand or interacted with your ads on another platform. Even without custom audience data, gmail ads allow you to reach people who have shown an interest in your brand’s offers and allow you to convert them into your customers. 

How to set a Gmail campaign up for success

A successful Gmail campaign, like other ad formats, requires more than just a strong creative. To set your Gmail campaign up for success, you should consider factors such as bid strategies, audience targeting, target keywords & ads placement. These decisions are informed by consumer insights, brand & product characteristics, and designated periods of ads testing.

The Migration of Gmail into Discovery campaigns

One of Google’s latest updates included the merging of Gmail Ads into Discovery Campaigns.  Discovery ads appear connected with feed-based content on YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Gmail, and Discover. With higher levels of connectivity, Google is pioneering capabilities for large scale audience reach and cross-platform cohesion. Discovery campaigns now allow advertisers to deliver different creative variations across a suite of Google services, with more far reaching capabilities for optimisation. Say goodbye to single channel campaigns with engagement limitations!

In the ever-changing digital world, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest digital marketing updates and be flexible with your advertising methods across channels.

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