Why being discoverable is crucial for brands

Why being discoverable is crucial for brands

12 August 2021 |

Data, Insights, Privacy

What happened?

Google Australia have released research conducted by GFK, highlighting consumer perceptions of brands that connect both on and offline. The study analysed the buying behaviours of 300 Australians, discovering their interactions with brands along the path to purchase.


What was revealed?

Online and offline channels often work in conjunction to provide a consumer experience that moves users down and funnel and creates loyalty. 91% of consumers were found to interact with brands via two or more channels. Two thirds of consumers note positive feelings towards brands that connect with them both on and offline. Further, having both a physical and digital presence promotes sales revenue by an increased 32%


How have consumer behaviours shifted?

Although overall consumer spend dropped during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aussies have quickly made up for lost time with 82% of all households shopping online in 2020. 50% of Australians have become more predisposed to interacting with brands via online touchpoints. Most consumers now prefer online channels as their main form of brand interaction, with 72% of Australians preferring to shop online.


What should brands consider?

  • Make your brand discoverable no matter where the consumer is looking. Consumers expect brands to follow them online, with an increased level of accessibility regardless of channel.
  • Connect both on and offline, with a focus on building stronger relationships and nurturing consumers towards conversion
  • Consider the entire consumer journey. Don’t discount the touch points that led consumers to become familiar with and begin considering your brand.

“This research highlights the changing nature of how Australians decide what to buy. It serves as an important reminder to brands and retailers to focus on how they show up to consumers throughout their purchase journey, and always rethink their business plans so that they are successfully connecting with customers online and offline.” Said Renee Gamble, Director of Commerce for Google Australia.

In addition to taking the above considerations into account when planning, brands should remain conscious of future proofing their business. With limitations to online targeting on the horizon, Admatic can help you plan for the future of reaching your consumers at crucial touch points.