Why Call to Actions are So Important in Social Media Marketing

Why Call to Actions are So Important in Social Media Marketing

23 January 2023 |

Media and Advertising Industry

If you are running social campaigns, you will understand that a call to action is significantly important in your post as it determines what the user is expecting when they click through.

What is a Call to Action?

It is defined as a term that indicates the next step (specific action) that you, the marker, want your audience to take. It could be understood as the bridge between online visitors and further action on-site. 

The nature of the CTA is different based on the advertising medium. For example, a CTA can include a direct link to buy a product on a website. Another example is the CTA can suggest the user sign up for newsletters. However, in most platforms, these are pre-set by the social media platform.

Call to Action options on Facebook:

  • Learn More
  • Order Now
  • Apply Now
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Donate Now
  • See Menu
  • Shop Now
  • Watch More

Why Call to Action is an important part of defining success

  1. Better user experience: A relevant CTA guides your audience onto the next phase of the process (what to do and where to go next) without any confusion. A smooth purchase process is no doubt a great factor leading to better consumer loyalty.
  2. Complete your content: You have created interesting and engaging content (copy and visuals), so make sure you follow through with a CTA that complements the content, allowing the readers to look more into the topic that you are trying to educate on.
  3. Increase conversion rates: A good and appropriate CTA can drive an improved conversion rate. Other benefits include:
    1. Better website performance
    2. Better product signups
    3. Quicker location of your products or services

How to test Call to Action

Run A/B testing with different variants: placement, colours/design, wording, and size

Now that you have learned that Call to Action is a small element but significantly important for promoting your plan. Talk to us Admaticians about how we can assist you with executing your social marketing plan today. We know what works best for you!