Will Verification Bring Advertisers Back to Twitter

Will Verification Bring Advertisers Back to Twitter

30 January 2023 |

Media and Advertising Industry

Last week Twitter reported revenue declines of 40% as advertisers flee the platform. Some say it is actually more like 70%. So how does Twitter plan to bring advertisers back to the platform?

Twitter last week announced a partnership with ad-tech, aimed to negate concerns around verification and trust within the platform.

Can verification bring back advertisers to Twitter?

In a new deal announced this week, Twitter partnered with DoubleVerify to establish new capabilities that will bolster brand safety measures. These proposals actually began prior to the Musk takeover. The DoubleVerify AI tools provide context analysis of content adjacent to where a brand ad appears. 

Unfortunately in its current state, as Adexchanger reports that this US-based trial only allows for minimal context analysis. Adexchanger suggests that the DoubleVerify AI tools are limited in scope as they only apply to adjacent Ads. The tools are also only featured within the feed page alone, even though Ads are also present in profile and search pages.

At this stage the ‘adjacency control’ tools only allow brands to understand after the Ads have been served and so any brand breaches will have already occurred and be reported on, rather than truly building ways to avoid the instances in the first place. It is a solution that is only beginning to deliver some controls. The solution does not sufficiently address the wider range of known issues relating to brand suitability and safety.

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