Youtube Shorts vs TikTok

Youtube Shorts vs TikTok

14 July 2022 |

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Video content has been dominating the social media space for a long time. We all know the power of video and business. Content creators and influencers are investing in many platforms to host their content depending on their business goal, but there are two platforms that stand out; TikTok and YouTube’s newly released short-form video platform YouTube Shorts.


YouTube is the second most-visited site in the world and also it’s the number one video-sharing platform that has the longest watch time.


TikTok had increased their popularity with short-videos, authentic content and live streams since it was founded in 2016. Their skyrocketing success has forced other platforms like Facebook or YouTube to play catch up. 


What is YouTube Shorts?


Last July, YouTube released their new short videos, which are limited videos of 60 seconds, presented vertically, and in a scrolling format. 


It seems like YouTube Shorts is a pretty big success, with MoffettNathanson estimating YouTube total monthly active users at 2.9 billion, Shorts has an impressive 50 percent penetration — giving YouTube the lead over its competitors’ TikTok.


Unlike Facebook that launched a separate app with Lasso, YouTube decided to build Shorts directly into their platform which helped them to grow quickly. Meta is trying to replicate YouTube Short success with Facebook Reels that it is also built directly on Instagram & Facebook platform. 


YouTube shorts started to roll out ads gradually in May, video action campaigns and app campaigns will automatically scale to YouTube Shorts. More features will come at the end of this year as shoppable video ads will also be available. 


TikTok seems to have a new competitor, and to face this last year introduced a longer videos format. It will be interesting to see how TikTok and YouTube keeps performing in short and long videos and who will dominate the market. 


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