Val Morgan Outdoor

Val Morgan Outdoor

12 November 2020 |

TV, Print, OOH, Radio

Val Morgan Outdoor specialises in digital outdoor advertising boards and audience engagement. Increasingly the traditional OOH communications channel is going digital, and for marketers DOOH is now available to buy through Programmatic platforms. VMO is Australia’s #1 health and fitness network and #1 Outdoor TV network with screens across 600 national locations.

The four key offerings of Val Morgan Outdoor: 

VMO Shop 

    • VMO is the 2nd largest retail network in Australia 
    • Screens across 400 locations 
    • 1,400 screens in total 
    • 6 Different shopping formats available:


Standard: captures consumers attention in high traffic areas, often outside large centres or stores such as Woolworths or Coles. 

      • Size: 55” or 70” 
      • Specifications: 10s ad slots, Content loop of 2min or less. 


Portrait: Newest addition to the Shop formats is perfect for grabbing consumer attention in high dwell time areas, such as food courts. The portrait is usually mounted to a wall. 

  • Size: 55” portrait
  • Specifications: 10s ad slots, content loop of 2min or less. 


Super: High impact digital HD screens, which are strategically places in high dwell time areas such as food courts or above travelators. Super screens allow brands to target their consumer for longer

  • Size: 80” to 90”
  • Specifications: 10s ad slots, Content loop of 2min or less


Ultra: One of the largest formats VMO offers, spanning 6 metres, the dynamic display is installed in key traffic flow areas.

  • Size: 2 x 3 (46”) and 2 x 4 (46”)


Mega: The Mega screens are found in high traffic areas. Mega screens are usually bought in large shopping malls, overhead of travelators. 

  • Size: The 3x3s are 3 metres in length and 2 metres tall while the 4×4 is over 4 meters in length.


Digital Billboard: the large outdoor digital billboard is designed for maximum impact and capturing the attention of pedestrians, cars and commuters. 

VMO Active

VMO Active is the leading health and fitness network.

  • Driving 80% of health club media across 770 locations and a total of 4000 screens. 
  • VMO active screens engage the consumers who are hard to reach, high value audiences. 
  • Key VMO active formats include: 


Active TV: Large format screens with surround sound designed for high impact and engagement. Located in high dwell areas, this format offers clients centre stage to engage with a captive audience. Ads run intermittently in rotation with the latest music videos.

  • Size: 55” – 120″
  • Specifications:15 or 30 second placements, Content loop of 2 mins or less, Scrolling text available


Active Amplified: Portrait digital screens in high thoroughfare areas. These screens are synchronized with others in the health club and are usually one of multiple screens in one location


VMO on the Go: Reaching consumers when they are in purchase mode on the go. 

  • VMO On-the-go network consists of On-the-go TV and On-the-go Extra and is designed to engage audiences when they stop by a Petrol and Convenience location. Content played includes News, Weather and Movie trailers.
  • The network contains 3000 screens nationally


On the Go TV: A vast network of over 2,800 digital screens found on top of petrol bowsers across Australia. 

  • Enabled with full AV capabilities, which means brands can play their TVC via this powerful one to one medium while consumers fill up their vehicle for up to 4 minutes.
  •  A 3 minute content loop featuring ads as well as news, weather, movie of the week and sometimes branded content
  • Size: 19″-22″
  • Specifications:15 second ad placements


On the Go Extra: a network of portrait screens to accompany on the Go TVs. They are designed to catch impulsive buyers as they head into the petrol station store, to influence their buying behaviours

  • The screens are only placed in high traffic service stations in Sydney and Melbourne and work well to complement the reach of campaigns playing on the network. 


Val Morgan Outdoor also offers a real time audience tool called DART, which tracks over 2million Australians and measures their response to content based on age, gender, when they viewed the content. It provides insights and analytics of real time audiences. DART works with programmatic DOOH buying to ensure your ad is triggered when the correct audience is in view. 


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