Media made simple
with the right partnership

We’re an independent Media Agency. A team of marketers obsessed with a brand’s customer journey and their digital footprint. We help businesses better understand their customers through data and use media to unlock growth.

Who we work with

For over a decade we’ve been the Media Agency of choice for many brands in long standing trusted partnerships, delivering market leading knowledge, innovative solutions, and outstanding performances.

ADMATIC is the Marketing partner of brands across multiple countries across a range of industries including charities, education, health and fitness, utilities, mining, automotive, tourism, and real estate, across both traditional and digital media channels.


We're a media agency that helps you understand
the full potential of data fuelled marketing.

Your customers navigate their way through a vast array of media and so to reach your potential customers a brand must understand their customer journeys and media experiences.

We’re a Media Agency who understands existing and potential audiences, and we know where those customers are. Media consumption today is a complex mix of traditional and digital media. Whilst we may be known as digital native experts we do appreciate the wholistic view of a consumer journey.

As a full service Media Agency we work with brands across all forms of media. We offer audience research, full service media planning and buying across traditional and digital media, we buy and activate on all campaigns in-house, and we provide real-time data analytics and campaign insights.

How we operate

Understanding how a Media Agency operates can be just as important as understanding what services they provide.

At ADMATIC we’ve listened to clients who tell us that transparency and trust in a Media Agency is key, that omnichannel marketing and being platform agnostic are vitally important, and that being expert partners delivering all services in-house are key to delivering real value to any brand.

We view audiences through an omnichannel lens

A customer travels on their media consumption journey oblivious to platforms, channels or any forms of communication. It is for this critical reason that brands must take an Omnichannel view when marketing to customers.

We see thousands of different audiences moving across dozens of types of media, be they across social media, TV, paid search, print, digital out-of-home and more.

ADMATIC delivers brands that unified communication to the customer delivering cohesively seamless marketing campaigns, regardless of platform or media type.

We plan with a fluid
and transparent

investment mindset

Brands look to ADMATIC for a transparent and collaborative partner willing to operate as though the agency were part of their team.

Some agencies specialise in the Big Digi Tech deals whereas others offer ‘cost effective’ traditional buys. To be truly focussed on the customer opportunity a brand should be focussed on the customer and not be distracted by cost-effective buys or the latest shiny tech.

ADMATIC provides a transparent and fluid investment model, operating in a way such that the only marketing decisions made are about your customer, not agency deals.

We're agnostic
across platforms
and media buying

At ADMATIC we love all forms of media be it traditional TV, radio, OOH, or print media buys, or in digital across search, social, video, audio or display. We believe it vitally important not to be locked into any one media partner.

Better results are often derived for our clients from different partners. For over a decade we’ve seen that locking in to one media owner or tech partner only inhibits performance and opportunities for our clients.

At ADMATIC we love to innovate, test, and learn. We see better results when expanding across an array of different media partners.

We're certified
in everything we do

ADMATIC invests heavily in our people. We’re a team of highly trained and skilled marketing professionals, managing  campaigns for clients to the highest of standards.

Our people are certified in all forms of media strategy through to execution. Our expert recruitment through to ongoing training and development programs ensure that our respected brands are guided and protected in the knowledge that their partner is certified in all media.

ADMATIC’s business processes and people have been developed and refined for over a decade to become a leading independent media agency operator.