Lotame Panorama ID available on PubMatic and MediaMath

Lotame Panorama ID available on PubMatic and MediaMath

10 June 2021 |

Data, Insights, Privacy

Who is involved?

Lotame is a data solution company, offering data management to publishers and advertisers to prospect and reach new audiences.

PubMatic is a programmatic SSP, offering premium inventory to advertisers via digital and in-app offerings.

MediaMath is an omnichannel DSP, with platform accessibility to a diverse range of channels, audiences and analytics.

What happened?

The partnership signifies that both ad tech companies will onboard Lotame’s Panorama ID technology. According to Lotame, the identity solution will ‘future-proof’ data collected from a range of inputs, from web to CTV. The ID is global and people-based, eradicating the cookie crisis and diving into a new era of data identification.

What does this mean?

“The future of audience addressability will not be one-size-fits-all, and PubMatic’s ongoing partnership with Lotame is part of our commitment to providing publishers and advertisers with a portfolio of independent, future-proofed addressability solutions” said Andrew Baron, SVP, Identity and Marketplace at PubMatic. The solution will allow advertisers to access first, second and third party data via aligned platforms, with premium audience accessibility across all browser environments.

What is now available?

Panorama ID’s main selling points include being people-based, i.e. unifying device identifiers and associated behaviours. Transparency is another concern of Lotame, offering full transparency to consumers with the ability to view individual data. Finally, the tech will allow the data-verse to connect and integrate with a common language, resolving the need for cookies to identify cross-device engagement.

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