Media Buying and Media Planning

Media Buying and Media Planning

Media consumption mix and channel planning

Media buying

Digital media planning

ADMATIC’s team of professionally qualified media planning specialists hold a wide range of strategy and planning experience in developing omni-channel media campaigns. ADMATIC Media strategies are developed using a combination of competitive media expenditure analysis from Neilsen, audience insights from Roy Morgan campaign planning tools, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Digital Campaign Ratings, to guide the allocation of appropriate budgets and allocation.

ADMATIC is also part of the IMAA (Independent Media Agencies Association), giving us strength, knowledge and direct access to a wide variety of media resources.

Media consumption
mix and
channel planning

Focusing on a quality-first approach, we don’t believe that a plan should be locked in with stale investments that no longer provide value for money. Media investments are first planned and should then be flexible enough to adapt and reinvest, based on knowledge that come to light once campaigns are in market. We adopt fully flexible approach to our media management. With an agnostic approach to all media channels, technology and providers, all planned budgets remain flexible across the duration of the campaign, ensuring that we are always in the moments that matter.

ADMATIC’s approach to channel selection continuously monitors each channel and platform to ensure we meet KPIs within allocated channel selections. We provide for pre-planning then continuous recommendations on budget allocations throughout campaigns, allowing us to identify and leverage opportunities as, and when, they arise.

Our commercial structure and business processes promote fluidity of investment between channels, designed to promote overall maximum quality of investments and a focus on outcomes. In real terms, this means that our cross-channel specialists will optimise plans without influences or constraint of lopsided commercial models or pre-specified media channels, that work against driving the best value for money.

Media buying

Our buying process negotiates on a brief-by-brief basis, whilst simultaneously leveraging our agency buying power collectively to drive the best rates for our clients. We continuously work with brands proposing initiatives that create value for money, working your dollars harder.

Working with your average media owner is not as simple as taking a call from a rep. Media Agencies add enormous value to the buying process. We’re able to represent your brand as our experience demonstrates in negotiating trading agreements with media owners all day every day, on behalf of our clients.

We review annual media spends on your behalf and negotiate the most favourable rates with all media owners applying maximum media value and inclusions. We can also provide inclusions on filler lists where we achieve added value into all media owner contracts and trading agreements for bonus airtime across TV and radio, and available space for outdoor and print. In short, there are many more ways that an agency drives maximum value for your investment dollar, as we act as an experienced agent on your behalf.

Digital media planning

When planning for digital media buying, we firstly use your website data known 1st party data. We support this data by using leading market research tools such as SimilarWeb, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, Roy Morgan, SEMRush and the IAB, amongst other tools, to research potential audiences. This allows us to build a digital framework that is audience centric and platform agnostic. Finally we deploy and utilise 3rd party adserve tracking and measurement tools as well as your Google Analytics platform, in order to continuously monitor audience and content engagement.

In partnering with ADMATIC you can be assured that we will paint the clearest cross-channel picture of your customers. We will help you understand their digital journey across the entire media spectrum across every known platform. We will help you understand their digital footprints and we’ll help you understand how they interplay with your digital assets. In terms of performance we work with brands to develop the clearest of lead/sales funnels, mapping and guiding your customer stages and signals, driving the most efficient CPLs and CPAs.

Being fiercely independent allows ADMATIC to choose the most suitable media and AdTech partnerships for our clients, and being technology agnostic allows us to manage campaigns across a variety of DSPs (Programmatic buying platforms), depending on which platform performs the best.

ADMATIC holds strong digital media industry relationships and connections, and is in regular contact with key media publishers and AdTech vendors. We strive to find new and emerging platforms and technologies to present to our clients to drive efficiencies. We are constantly driving media innovations and presenting new opportunities as they arise. We deploy a ‘red queen racing’ philosophy when it comes to testing and learning; test often, learn quickly and move forward with the outcome, be that positive or negative.


Target Audiences, Journeys and Channel Planning

Today’s consumer must be understood. Finding audiences has become complex and nuanced in an era of ever diverse media consumption patterns.

Our initial research and data analytics philosophy focuses on the customer without bias toward any platforms or communications channels. We will always focus on your potential customer, understand their behaviours, journeys and intent, in order to then develop that mapping of media consumption.

Media Planning and Media Buying

We are a full-service Media Agency with media planning and media buying specialists dedicated across all channels. We use combinations of media expenditure analyses from Neilsen, audience insights from Roy Morgan campaign planning tools, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Digital Campaign Ratings, to guide allocations of appropriate budgets.

We’re able to plan and book all your traditional media needs across TV, radio, print, and OOH, as well as activate in all digital channels. We work with every publisher and every platform.

Digital Marketing

We are the original digital natives! Our people are the experts in online brand and performance marketing, with experience spanning two decades in digital.

Our activations and performance specialists are 100% in-house and at your fingertips. Our clients have access to social media experts, experts in paid and organic search, and access to experts in programmatic marketing covering all display, video, native, audio and dooh options. We cover every known digital platform and every channel, and we’re known for being leading innovators in online data and technology.

Performance Marketing, SEM, SEO

Our Performance team establishes goal driven campaign strategies by understanding the media funnel through detailed measurement and attribution modelling, delivering the most efficient media ultimately leading to high performance lead and sale volumes.

At the very tip of the funnel our highly skilled Paid Search and SEO teams deliver best in class Search campaigns, fully maximising value from Search Engine Marketing.

Real Time Reporting, Insights, Marketing Intelligence

Insights and information that leads to knowledge starts with data. Capturing, measuring and recording the right data is paramount to understanding your known and potential customers, and is key to understanding media investments strategies along with future activations strategies.

ADMATIC Adopts 3rd party adserving technology to record and measure consumer data, and with our data analysts we help brands better understand their customers, their media consumption journeys, and their digital footprints. Reporting of this information is provided through dedicated real-time reporting dashboards designed with bespoke representations of your insights.