Advertising Industry Changes Prompting Innovation

Advertising Industry Changes Prompting Innovation

06 May 2021 |

Media and Advertising Industry

With the impending changes ahead to marketing as we know it, we’re increasingly seeing the depreciation of cookies not just a challenge, but as an opportunity for the advertising industry.

These opportunities are not focused on creating quick workarounds or trying to fix the loss of cookies, but in finding new and innovative ways to target users with relevant and targeted advertising experiences.

Addressability is at an all time high with advancements excel across many platforms and publishers, powering the opportunity that is to come for marketers and brands all whilst ensuring data compliance and consumers at the core.

Seven West Media have been making great headway in the addressability space, with continuous audience advancements. Last month they released an exclusive partnership with Flybuys’ aggregated audience segments, allowing a connection with 7plus’ connected TV audiences and addressable shopping audience. In addition they have also onboarded Weatherzone as part of their 7REDiQ data portfolio, both announcements add to partners already on board; TEG, Carsguide, Mastercard paving the way for us as marketers, to drive scalable addressability across premium content.

Outside of data, there are also several technology advancements that should get every marketer excited, and maybe even a little scared. In Shanghai last month, we witnessed marketing of the future. An advertising billboard took the form of an illuminated QR code suspended in the sky, that was part of a light show put on by Chinese video-streaming company Bilibili. In the show, staged above Shanghai’s scenic waterfront promenade, 1,500 illuminated drones formed into a game’s logo and characters before transforming into a floating QR code that links to its homepage.

While the removal of web-based third party cookies has caused some panic in the advertising industry, there are still an abundance of creative and innovative solutions and strategies that help create better, more personalised and memorable experiences for consumers.

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