AI-Driven Advertising Evolution

AI-Driven Advertising Evolution

13 November 2023 |


AI has taken the world by storm, and changing the way we live our lives and go about business in a fundamental way. But do you really know what AI is and what it can do for you and your business? How does it work? Will it replace my job? Is it safe?

Many questions are being asked about AI, and in this monthly series ADMATICs Managing Partner, Sarah Melrose will begin to answer some for you. This first article is all about getting started with the basics. 

Before we begin, it’s very important to note the biggest and most recent change in AI. Artificial intelligence isn’t new. In fact AI has been around since the 1950s when computer scientist Arthur Samuel first invented an AI program to play checkers – the first AI model to learn to play independently. However, the difference and revolution most recently is the development of Generative AI. 

What is the difference between Gen AI and regular AI?

Traditional AI that has been around for 60+ years follows a predefined set of rules and constraints based on existing data. Generative AI however, goes beyond the rules and pre-defined requirements to create new content & data and ‘’think’’ for itself. In short, Traditional AI is good at data recognition and patterns, where as Generative AI can look at data and create something entirely new.

How do I get started in using AI?

With all the talk around Gen AI, it can feel overwhelming in where to start or how to use it. However, there are some really easy ways to use AI to improve not only your productivity but your marketing and media efforts as well.

Productivity Tools For AI

There are many productivity tools to help marketers and your everyday admin but my personal favorite is Zoom AI Companion. If you are a zoom user and haven’t yet turned on the AI companion, I urge you to do it now. Not only does Zooms AI companion write meeting notes for you, it categorizes them into topics spoken about in the meeting, as well as recording next steps and actions in the summary.
If, like me, you are rushing from one meeting to the next and happen to join late – don’t fear! AI Companion provides you with a summary of the meeting so far, so that you don’t have to interrupt the conversation or make others repeat for you. Consider it your new best friend.

Use Chat GPT

This may sound like an obvious one but are you really making the most of Chat GPT? Asking it what to have for dinner tonight isn’t the best use of it’s capability. Chat GPT data will also be soon updated to April 2023 which will make it even more capable than it already is.

The latest September release also introduced voice and visual to Chat GPT, so that it can now not only read, but it can see and hear too so you can ask it to do pretty much anything you like. Want it to help analyze your data from the last 5 years? Upload that big excel doc. Want it to sift through your competitors ads and find out what they’ve been doing? Upload some visuals.

I’m not suggesting you let it do all your thinking, we still need to provide the analysis and human layer however it can process data a lot quicker than we humanly can, so think of it as your time saver and all round assistant – it’s not replacing the work you do, it’s enhancing it. Saving you time to allow you to focus on the analysis and insights.

Ok I’m in. How do I get the best out of Chat GPT?


Firstly, be cautious on what information you feed into it. As Chat GPT is open source, it’s generally advised to not upload sensitive and private data into it as that can then be accessed by anyone using Chat GPT. Just recently, Google came under fire for allowing conversations with it’s chat assistant Bard to be indexed across Google Search. Meaning the queries you put into these chat assistants can be found through a simple google search for the whole world to read. Google has since corrected this, but I would still recommend exercising caution and don’t put your latest product development ideas in there.

  • Summarize long documents. Scenario 1: you want to do some quick market research, you’ve found a really interesting report but it’s 100 pages long and your deadline is tomorrow 9am to present back to your stakeholders. Upload the document to Chat GPT and ask it to give you the top 5 headline takeaways. If any really pique your interest, you can go back and read that section yourself or ask Chat GPT to give you more information on that point.
  • Write in a different style. Scenario 2: you need to write a formal email regarding this months sales performance. You can upload your own email and ask Chat GPT to make it formal enough for the intended audience. Give it the information it needs – tell it who the email is for – e.g. the CFO of a bank and it will adapt accordingly for you. You are still creating the bones of the email, but GenAI is enhancing it.
  • Use it for inspiration. Scenario 3: if you’re stuck on your next project, ask Chat GPT for some help to get you started. Think of it as someone to bounce ideas off and talk to as you would a real human. Ask it to help write some new copy versions from the ones you already have created.

Importantly, whatever you are going to ask Chat GPT to do, getting what you need out of it is going to depend what you put in. Your prompts to Chat GPT and data are very important. Think of it like this: Gen AI is like making a cake, to get a good quality cake – you need to chose the best ingredients to put into the recipe. If you don’t you will still get a cake, but it may not be very good quality. And nobody wants to eat bad cake.

Look out for next months edition of AI series on how AI has advanced media capabilities or Get in touch with an ADMATICian today!