Amazon Announces Advertising Partner Network

Amazon Announces Advertising Partner Network

15 July 2021 |

Media and Advertising Industry

What happened?

Amazon has announced the launch of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network, a range of tools & agencies available to help advertisers take advantage of Amazon advertising products.


What does this mean?

The platform will enhance the user experience of the advertising interface, allowing advertisers to navigate and upskill across the platform more effectively. Amazon hopes the new UI experience will encourage advertisers to upscale campaigns across their range of products, aiming to match the competition of other social business platforms in the market.


What is now available?

The platform will replicate the integrated nature of many other social giants advertising offerings, giving Amazon business users direct access to crucial tools and documentation. The Partner Network will include a partner content library, housing best practice guides, product videos and API documentation. 


What else?

Partners will be able to earn advanced partner status, offering added benefits such as beta programs and training. Advanced partners will be able to access product release training and publish their partner status via Amazon’s partner directory, which is still in development stages.

“We’re thrilled to continue working closely with agencies and tool providers to help them better serve our mutual customers and grow their businesses,” said Aby Angilivelil, Director of Partner Development, Amazon Advertising. 

“We’ve listened closely to partner feedback and have worked hard to build an experience that better meets their needs. The Partner Network and its range of resources is our first step towards helping partners scale their expertise and solutions across all of our advertising products. We’ll continue collaborating with partners to help them meet advertisers’ business goals, and we’re excited by what’s yet to come.”

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