Freeview Launches Hybrid Universal Catch Up TV Platform

Freeview Launches Hybrid Universal Catch Up TV Platform

22 April 2021 |

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Constantly losing your catch up TV logins and can’t remember your passwords? Consider numerous logins a thing of the past with Freeview’s new hybrid platform. Freeview Australia unveiled HbbTV on April 14, showcasing an APAC first for integrated free to air service. HbbTV boasts access to more than 35 channels with access to a library of 50,000 individual programs and episodes integrated between broadcast and on demand BVOD.

HbbTV hosts a comprehensive search function, enabling viewers to search across networks such as ABC, Tenplay, SBS on Demand, 9Now and 7Plus, all in one centralised platform. The HbbTV is built using the HBBTV 2.0 standard, becoming the second platform behind the UK to deliver an aggregated platform across multiple broadcast publishers. Its UK counterpart has been delivering the service since 2010, marking over a decade of success to support the new launch.

With BVOD viewing increasing 38% year on year, industry leaders believe this is a crucial step in creating a brand new, accessible platform. Freeview is grasping the opportunity to take advantage of the latest in media tech. With advanced capabilities such as data segmentation, this shift will facilitate a richer interactive experience for viewers and advertisers alike. 

With the death of the cookie front of mind, the data and targeting opportunities available across a universal broadcast TV platform will enhance available marketing functions. With Aussie audiences spending 3 times more weekly minutes on BVOD compared to three years ago, the trajectory of BVOD advertising is strong. A unified BVOD platform will enable advertisers to tap into robust first party data sets and extensive genre targeting. This unified platform will give advertisers more freedom when it comes to buying into specific content buys and channels, acting as a gateway for a more fluid catch up TV buy across the one channel rather than many.

Whether Australian users will be willing to adapt to this shift in digital TV consumption is the unknown. Despite the prospect of complete accessibility, the success of HbbTV is reliant upon its new market. 

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