International Women’s Day 2024

International Women’s Day 2024

23 February 2024 |

Media and Advertising Industry

With over a week left leading to March 8, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to start getting involved in advertising efforts ahead of International Women’s Day. In this article, discover how you can join the conversation with a more authentic touch by using platforms such as LinkedIn and make an impact this #IWD2024!

Only less than 2 weeks left until International Women’s Day – the countdown is on, but still enough time to brief us in. 

International Women’s Day (IWD) is approaching, focusing on vital issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and combating violence and abuse. Originating from labour movements in North America and Europe during the 20th century, IWD has evolved over the centuries, fuelled by the universal female suffrage movement.

As we approach March 8, the significance of IWD remains high, sparking dynamic conversations around its meaning. Rather than delving into debates about the essence of IWD, this article aims to shed light on potential advertising opportunities for businesses aligning with the themes of gender equality and IWD.

The Place to Be

Among various advertising platforms, LinkedIn provides a seamless avenue to participate in International Women’s Day discussions and showcase your brand with a socially responsible approach—whether through organic or paid promotions. LinkedIn stands out for fostering conversations related to IWD, witnessing a surge in interactions and corporate posts around March 8. It proves to be the top social platform for elevating your brand’s profile in support of women.

The Window of Opportunity

Annually, the dialogue begins to gain momentum approximately a week before International Women’s Day and continues for about three days afterward. During this time, both corporate posts and interactions emphasise the chance to launch a campaign lasting one to two weeks leading up to IWD, positioning your brand ahead of the competition.


Source: LinkedIn data 2023

What to talk about?

Over time, IWD has evolved with a broad agenda covering topics like gender equality, diversity and women’s rights. This agenda can be extended to various topics – including, but not limited to mentoring, inspiration, celebration, career opportunities, women in leadership or maternity legislations.

Considering the diverse array of topics, it is essential to align with your company values. For instance, if your goal is to create more career opportunities for women, that could be a fitting focus for IWD. Additionally, ensure alignment with trending hashtags such as #inspireinclusion or #IWD2024.

How to spark the conversation?

While organic content can align with International Women’s Day themes, LinkedIn provides accessible avenues for integrated promotions even with a modest media budget to amplify your message. Sponsored content stands out as a straightforward and efficient method to bolster a content series. However, we strongly advocate considering Thought Leader ads, LinkedIn’s latest product that leverages voices within your company. These ads promote your company with a more genuine and organic feel, tapping into the authenticity of thought leaders.

ADMATIC has witnessed impressive results using this approach for clients like CBRE and UOW, experiencing an average engagement rate that is 5 times higher than conventional sponsored content.

UOW Example 


CBRE Example 

Still feeling not convinced about advertising for International Women’s Day? Get in touch with an ADMATICian today, and they’ll make sure to get you sorted.