Meta AI Supported Ad Tools and Features

Meta AI Supported Ad Tools and Features

15 May 2023 |


Meta has recently launched new AI supported Ad tools and features to help make ad creation easier. These advancements are being tested in Meta’s AI Sandbox, which serves as a platform for trying out early versions of these tools before launching. 

New AI Ad Tools

  1. Text Variation: The AI-powered text variation tool generates multiple versions of ad copy, emphasizing the important points that advertisers want to highlight. This allows for greater flexibility and customisation in delivering the desired message while creating the ads.
  2. Background Generation: With the background generation feature, advertisers can create captivating background images by simply inputting text. This functionality adds a visual appeal to ads and helps them stand out.
  3. Image Outcropping: Ad creative assets are often displayed in different aspect ratios across various surfaces like Stories or Reels. The image outcropping feature automatically adjusts the creative assets to fit these varying ratios, ensuring a consistent and appealing visual experience for viewers.

In addition to these new tools, Meta has also introduced enhancements to Meta Advantage, its suite of automation products that utilise AI and machine learning for campaign optimisation.

New AI Ad Features

  1. Switching to Advantage+ Shopping: Businesses can now transform their existing ad campaigns into Advantage+ shopping campaigns with just one click. This streamlined process is available in Ads Manager, where advertisers can select “duplicate” within an ad campaign to easily switch to Advantage+ shopping.
  2. Video Creative in Catalog Ads: Advertisers now have the ability to import and use various types of video creative, such as branded videos or customer demonstration videos, in their ads. This functionality can be utilized in both manual sales campaigns and Advantage+ shopping campaigns, offering more engaging ad experiences.
  3. Performance Comparisons: Meta has introduced an automatic report that enables advertisers to compare the performance of their existing manual sales campaigns with Advantage+ shopping campaigns. This helps advertisers gain insights into the effectiveness of their ad strategies and make informed decisions.
  4. Improved Performance with Advantage+ Audience: Advertisers using the Advantage+ audience feature can now incorporate their audience targeting inputs as suggestions rather than strict constraints. This flexibility allows advertisers to guide who sees their ads while optimizing campaign performance.

By leveraging these AI-supported features, Meta aims to empower advertisers with efficient tools and automation capabilities, enabling them to create more compelling and effective ads. These advancements not only simplify the ad creation process but also offer advertisers valuable insights to refine their strategies and maximize campaign performance.

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