18 November 2021 |

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Quora is a Q&A based platform that enables brands to build relationships and interact with their target audience through knowledge based interests and communities. Quora has 12M monthly unique visitors across Australia.

Similar to Reddit, users on Quora are highly intent driven, with users 33% more likely to be in senior management roles, and 46% more likely to be key decision makers. 65% are more likely to oversee IT, telecom and technology business purchases. 

Quora has a wide span of unduplicated reach across other platforms, with 54% of Quora users unreachable by Reddit. For LinkedIn, this is 49%; 34% for Instagram and 39% across Twitter.

Quora audiences can be described as both social, passively browsing users and search, research based users. Users on Quora are taking active steps to learn, develop ideas and conduct research about topics relevant to them. 

Some key areas of interest across Quora include: Health, Travel, Technology, Banking and Automobile. 


What should your brand presence look like?

Quora’s question & answer communication model is a unique offering within the social market, mimmicking the success of search and the community of social media. This Q&A function allows brands to leverage the organic feel of community responses, and build their brand position in the minds of their target market. Utilising promoted answers builds both awareness and consideration within the market for brands. 

Awareness: Build a brand profile on Quora and boost content, build out questions and answers and drive engagement across the platform. 

Consideration: Promote questions and answers to drive greater consideration for your brand, while also driving site traffic. 

Conversion: Leverage text and image ads as well as lead gen forms to ensure your brand is capitalising on intent driven audiences. 


What are the targeting possibilities?

There are four key ways to target audiences on Quora: 

Contextual targeting; allows brands to appear when users are actively searching and viewing topics, keywords or questions. Ads will appear in feed. 

Behavioural targeting: brands can target users based on their historical browsing activity. A 30 day window is used to gather data pools based on interests, keyword history and question history. 

Audience targeting: brands can leverage custom audiences using first party data to build lists of matched users, audiences based off website traffic and Lookalikes. 

Broad targeting: open to all users. 

All key audience approaches are also able to be overlaid with device, gender, location and browser targeting. Exclusions are also available too. 


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