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Performance Marketing (often misconstrued as search marketing), is a marketing practice largely driven by results. Reaching an audience at scale is key to finding the right customers who align with a brand’s performance goals, be they lead, acquisition or sales focussed. Once achieving a broad based and scaled level of awareness, performance marketers will seek to manoeuvre those customers down a funnel to taking an action.

ADMATIC’s view of the performance funnel is very data led and multi-channel focussed. Sophisticated layers of Ad technology deliver to our funnel strategies targeting the most valuable customers to our clients, from awareness through consideration to intent, then ultimately to acquisition.

Best in class Paid and Organic Search strategies and executions are critical to delivering on those final phases of the funnel, to maximise your entire funnelled media investments. ADMATIC’s years of experience delivers on many varied industry funnels and our leading Search innovations drive an ever evolving number of new revenue opportunities.


Performance Marketing

Performance marketing at ADMATIC is all about understanding how customers interact with a brand on their media journey, and understanding what that journey looks like through our attributed sales funnel. We typically work to a four tiered fully attributed funnel going from the top layer to bottom – Awareness, Consideration, Intention, Conversion.

At the top of the funnel, with a distinctive brand message, potential channels that we deploy include programmatic OOH, BVOD, Display or YouTube (amongst others) to achieve maximum brand awareness. We use data at every layer to inform our targeted awareness.

The consideration layer of the funnel uses more targetable data segments such as interests and behaviours through our digital channels. Here we may invest heavily in channels such as paid search and socials whilst running regular test and learns in other channels, to avoid an over-reliance on any one medium. Test and learns often discover expanded channel opportunities such as Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter and so on.

The intention layer of the funnel focuses on performance by utilising layers of 1st party and 3rd party data. This data seeks to inform our always on strategy across socials, paid search and programmatic display, allowing us to build and profile audience segments.

The final bottom layer of the funnel, conversion, is the most targeted, relying on audience functions such as re-targeting and targeting unconverted leads.

Paid Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Our approach to paid search marketing comprises of four key pillars.

Establish a strong base – having a strong foundation and correct, orderly set up is essential to good SEM account hygiene. At a minimum, we ensure brand terms are covered to maintain optimum brand presence and structure, in line with best practice.

It’s all about audiences – we leverage all available audience data to enhance the precision of our activity. Taking advantage of the multiplier effect of keywords plus audiences allows us to invest budgets smarter. Keywords, whilst being intent driven, often vary in levels of intent. Segmenting campaigns by intent and degrees of intent, allows us to deliver more tailored messaging and a better user experience, by directing to the best possible place on your site.

There’s targeting, then there’s clever targeting – at ADMATIC we are constantly enhancing and exploring new targeting methodologies. For example, in recent innovations through the use of custom intent audiences we are able to identify customers searching for a brand vs competing brands. Here we are able to identify specific points of distinction that the brand is able to harvest over its competitors.

Campaign management – our optimisation processes use an experienced blend of automation along with human intervention, ensuring a specialist human lens with experience is always applied. We apply our thinking and human insight into how to best utilise the powerful nature of automation.

Organic Search Engine Marketing - SEO

At ADMATIC we’re passionate about understanding the customer journey and so customer intent and interactions with your brand go to the heart of how we think about SEO. There are two ways to drive customers to a website, either by paid media or organically. In order for customers to arrive at your site organically all technical and content considerations come into play.

Technical SEO is the practice of investigating technical site elements of your website. Here we review your title tags, meta tags, images and links. We use industry leading tools to identify breaks and errors in site elements and we seek to identify improvements to achieve industry best practice. We review Core Web Vitals in terms of site performances and we investigate off-page opportunities. Additionally we help clients with link building opportunities.

We place significant importance on content driven SEO. Google has in recent years made very deliberate efforts to improve the connection between the intended search of a customer and their final destination. No longer are marketers able to ‘trick’ Google into directing traffic, so our content strategies deeply consider a brands website purpose, whether it be for branding or performance, and we deliver content to match those intended mapped customer journeys.


Target Audiences, Journeys and Channel Planning

Today’s consumer must be understood. Finding audiences has become complex and nuanced in an era of ever diverse media consumption patterns.

Our initial research and data analytics philosophy focuses on the customer without bias toward any platforms or communications channels. We will always focus on your potential customer, understand their behaviours, journeys and intent, in order to then develop that mapping of media consumption.

Media Planning and Media Buying

We are a full-service Media Agency with media planning and media buying specialists dedicated across all channels. We use combinations of media expenditure analyses from Neilsen, audience insights from Roy Morgan campaign planning tools, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Digital Campaign Ratings, to guide allocations of appropriate budgets.

We’re able to plan and book all your traditional media needs across TV, radio, print, and OOH, as well as activate in all digital channels. We work with every publisher and every platform.

Digital Marketing

We are the original digital natives! Our people are the experts in online brand and performance marketing, with experience spanning two decades in digital.

Our activations and performance specialists are 100% in-house and at your fingertips. Our clients have access to social media experts, experts in paid and organic search, and access to experts in programmatic marketing covering all display, video, native, audio and dooh options. We cover every known digital platform and every channel, and we’re known for being leading innovators in online data and technology.

Performance Marketing, SEM, SEO

Our Performance team establishes goal driven campaign strategies by understanding the media funnel through detailed measurement and attribution modelling, delivering the most efficient media ultimately leading to high performance lead and sale volumes.

At the very tip of the funnel our highly skilled Paid Search and SEO teams deliver best in class Search campaigns, fully maximising value from Search Engine Marketing.

Real Time Reporting, Insights, Marketing Intelligence

Insights and information that leads to knowledge starts with data. Capturing, measuring and recording the right data is paramount to understanding your known and potential customers, and is key to understanding media investments strategies along with future activations strategies.

ADMATIC Adopts 3rd party adserving technology to record and measure consumer data, and with our data analysts we help brands better understand their customers, their media consumption journeys, and their digital footprints. Reporting of this information is provided through dedicated real-time reporting dashboards designed with bespoke representations of your insights.