What is Native Display Advertising?

What is Native Display Advertising?

24 July 2020 |

Display, Video, Audio

Native display advertising is a form of advertising which fits the form and function of the environment it appears in. Native Display advertising combines a variety of assets such as video, images and carousels to produce compelling, visual ad experiences. Native ads create an ad experience that is more engaging compared to generic display banners. Advertisers can include specific calls to action and headlines, whereas display advertising does not.

According to the IAB, native advertising should work to complement  the natural design, location and behaviour of the content environment it appears in. It should be non disruptive to the viewer and clearly disclose that it is an advertisement.

What are the different Native Advertising formats?

In feed/In content:

These formats are situated within content, product or social feeds. In feed ads will try to replicate the look and feel of the editorial content it appears alongside.

Branded native

Widely known as the original form of native advertising is the branded content and native articles that are written and produced to completely match the publisher’s content. Brands fund the articles, and paid partnership must be clearly disclosed to the reader.

Content Recommendation

These types of native ads sit below editorial content and appear as links to new articles, videos or stories. It is usually clear the content is external and when clicked will link to a new site.


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