Why Amazon Advertising?

Why Amazon Advertising?

17 March 2022 |

Media and Advertising Industry

When Amazon Advertising first announced it was entering the Australian market in early 2019, many expected it to steamroll in. Since then, the global juggernaut has steadily increased its business in the country and tripled its revenue growth year on year over the past 4 years, reaching $63.5 million in 2021.


To put this into perspective, Snapchat delivered ad revenue in Australia of just $56 million in 2021. In fact, if you include Amazon’s local assets IMDB and Twitch it puts them as Australia’s fourth largest publisher for unique visitors, behind only Meta (formerly Facebook), YouTube and Google.


But size and continued growth are not the only reasons to advertise with Amazon, with some of the other key benefits being:


1. It’s a buyers’ marketplace first

Amazon offers a place for users to browse and purchase a variety of products – which is a key difference between them and other publishers like Google or Facebook, which both have high volume of users and traffic but are not aligned to purchase intent.


2. Shopping & Buyer Insights

Another key differential for Amazon is its rich abundance of 1st party data relating to buyer behaviour and shopping insights. While Google and Facebook also have this, Amazons owns its own data collected from their site and it is not traded with any other third parties.


3. Tailored ad formats

Amazon has provided a variety of options and formats to ensure advertisers are spoilt for choice. While the formats differ in their availability for some users, they create a competitive option for any new business or advertiser.

In fact, Amazons ad formats are so competitive & unique that Google recently introduced 6 new ad formats speculated to rival those of Amazons.


4. Low Barrier of Entry

Signing up for any new account can sometimes be daunting with endless forms you need to fill out. But Amazon only need you to fill out an easy form with basic information about yourself, country, product category and your company website (which is optional). That’s it!

Once submitted, an Amazon representative will help walk you through the rest of the registration.


5. Growing Market share

While still in its infancy in the Australian market, overseas advertisers have invested heavily in Amazon Search and its other offerings. It’s also considered the third largest ad vendor behind Google & Facebook in the US. The sheer size and scale of its offering in overseas markets means it’s well placed to continue its growth here in Australia.


Utilising all the benefits from Amazon Advertising can help you reach highly targeted shoppers who are likely to convert. If you want to want to know more about Amazon Advertising and how it can help your business, our team of dedicated experts are willing and eager to help.