Why Chatbots are Worth Your Business Investment

Why Chatbots are Worth Your Business Investment

25 August 2022 |

Media and Advertising Industry

Chatbots are software applications programmed to simulate human conversation. This artificial intelligence program (AI) automatically engages in online conversions with customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week via SMS text, social media platforms and website pop-ups. Chatbots are programmed to respond differently to messages in a range of situations by matching certain keywords or even applying machine learning to be engaged in complex responses and provide tailored suggestions. So are chatbots worth your business investment?

Delivering a delightful customer experience is one of the competitive advantages that a business can achieve to stand out from its competitors. Aware of that, many industries have started using chatbots to streamline their customer service

Chatbots are a powerful marketing tool for your e-business and can help accomplish your marketing goals:

1. Saving your employees time

By automating conventional communication that would require an employee to attend to, chatbots can execute customer support around the clock regardless of the timezone (24/7). Instead of having your employees answer a high volume of queries, chatbots can provide immediate answers, not to mention that they can respond in different languages if programmed.

2. Guiding customers better

Customers may not know what they are after and will have to search before finding the information they need. Chatbots can simplify the process and make prompt and effective responses to any enquiries. 

3. Providing valuable insights into your customer behaviours

One of the benefits of chatbots for your business is that chatbots can collect valuable data about your customers (for example most common questions, their issues and most mentioned products) which you can use to optimise your business strategy.

Also, thanks to this data, besides generic enquiries, chatbots can facilitate personalised conversations with the customers, enhancing their engagement with your brand.

4. Building brand awareness

Chatbots are the first interaction that the customers have with your brand. Rather than traditional/standard communication, they offer a fun and interactive way to introduce your brand, leaving a positive impression in the customers’ minds. A seamless and memorable experience is one of the key factors in converting potential customers to acquisition.

Now that you have got to know which benefits chatbots bring to your business, are Chatbots worth your business investment? Contact an Admatician today to find out more!