AI Tool Besides ChatGPT

AI Tool Besides ChatGPT

17 July 2023 |


Even though Chat GPT is probably the most famous AI tool, we explore AI tools besides ChatGPT. Here are 5 different powerful AI tools every marketer should consider incorporating into their marketing strategy.

1. AI Tool: AI Writesonic

As a big competitor to Chat GPT, Writesonic is popular for good reason. The writing tool, founded in 2021 by Samanyou Garg, has exploded in the last six months. With a quick and easy to use interface, it’s the AI writing tool which will have you hooked straight away. With plenty of video tutorials and guidance, it will produce short and long form content at a click of a button.

While producing copy from Writesonic won’t pass AI detectors, you’ll need to edit the content heavily – just like you would using any AI writing tool. What it does really well, is it will punch out a 2000 word article in seconds, ready for you to edit and publish quickly.

2. AI Tool: SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one AI-powered tool that has become a household name in the marketing industry. It excels in search engine optimisation (SEO) and offers a range of features for keyword targeting, paid campaigns, competitor analysis, and content marketing. 

SEMrush has recently integrated AI as part of the SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) feature. This addition helps marketers create optimised content that performs well in search engine rankings. You can take advantage of SEMrush site health and checker and use keywords related to your business to drive more traffic to your website. 

3. AI Tool: GumGum

Programmatic advertising has witnessed significant growth since the early 2000s, and GumGum is an AI tool that specialises in this area. 

GumGum allows marketers to effectively monetise and advertise to audiences in real-time using what they call contextual advertising technology.  This allows buyers to target their customers in the right time and frame of mind. 

This technology received content-level accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC), making it the first independent ad tech provider to achieve this recognition.

Additionally, GumGum provides certification for contextual advertising that marketers can enrol in for free.

4. AI Tool: Optimove

Understanding the customer journey and delivering personalised experiences is essential for successful marketing campaigns. Optimove is an AI-powered marketing optimisation bot that focuses on customer-led marketing. 

By scanning your campaigns and pulling relevant data, Optimove provides actionable insights from their future predictive engine which leverage real-time customer data to predict future customer behaviour and value. This way, Optimove can automatically deliver the best content to each customer which mimics the effectiveness of one-to-one marketing. 

5. AI Tool: Jasper AI

Another competitor to ChatGPT is Jasper AI. Engineered to easily assist marketers, content writers and businesses to create high-quality content, Jasper AI offers a wide range of features. Use the power Jasper Brand Voice which helps businesses infuse their unique brand voice into AI-generated content. It will happily identify your brand identity, tone and much more to create content just as though you had written it yourself.

It’s also a great tool for writing product descriptions, long form content, blog post topic ideas and so much more. While Jasper is better for those who are budget conscious, it gives professional marketers more control over the end result it gives you. If you’re looking for some hand-holding and you really don’t know how to use AI to your advantage yet, Writesonic could be a better AI tool to go for.


Incorporating AI tools into your marketing strategy is no longer a luxury but a necessity for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced digital world. 

These five AI tools offer powerful features and capabilities to enhance your marketing efforts. From data analytics, SEO optimisation, programmatic advertising to customer-led marketing, these AI tools provide invaluable support for marketers. Embrace the power of AI and elevate your marketing to new heights.

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