Ethics & Considerations in Generative AI

Ethics & Considerations in Generative AI

28 November 2023 |


From this insightful article, gain knowledge about the ethical dimensions of incorporating Generative AI in marketing, addressing crucial concerns such as data privacy, maintaining human-centricity, and ensuring copyright authenticity. Gain practical guidance on implementing AI responsibly, maximizing efficiency without compromising on ethical considerations. Melrose’s expertise navigates the evolving landscape of AI integration, offering invaluable insights for marketers seeking a balanced approach to innovation in the digital era.

The article provides actionable insights on establishing ethical guidelines for AI use, safeguarding against potential pitfalls in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Melrose navigates the intersection of innovation and responsibility, guiding marketers through the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of Generative AI in their strategies.

Data privacy: how do I know that my data is safe?

With the vast amount of Gen AI tools available out there to support us in our day to day work, it is imperative to provide guidelines to your employees on the rules of using Gen AI tools.

A key use of AI within marketing is in data analysis, as well as creative image generation. With the gaining popularity of AI tools in business, do you know who in your business is using AI? Maybe you are using it yourself, but do you follow any guidelines? A set of guiding principles for yourself and your brand are imperative to get the best out of Gen AI. Guiding principles shouldn’t necessarily be so restrictive that stifle creativity or performance improvements but should cover some key questions for yourself and your brand such as:

• What platforms are approved for use at work?
• How do they work?
• In what use cases is it appropriate to use them?
• What checks and processes are in place to safeguard against false information?

Having clear guidelines helps all involved to understand the implications and considerations of using AI in marketing.

Maintaining human centricity: Will AI take my job?

There is no doubt that using AI to support the work we all do has great benefits when it comes to productivity. A recent study by Harvard Business School found that no matter what role or task the staff member was task with, those using Chat GPT completed 12% more tasks on average than those not using any AI tools to support their work. Those using Gen AI also performed their tasks 25% faster and 40% higher quality results than those without. However, the study also found that whilst the quality of work was higher the accuracy of the work was compromised.

A similar scenario can be found in media publishing, whereby Gizmodo (a largely popular tech site), used Gen AI to write content for the site. Smart idea, as Google favors new and fresh content, and why not use gen AI to help push out more content, rank higher and gain more traffic as a result whilst cutting down costs of human journalism. Right? Unfortunately, Gizmodo, or it’s parent company G/O media missed one key step: the human verification step. Not only were the articles riddled with errors, they annoyed their own journalists working for Gizmodo, and compromised the quality of their content to their readers.

A case like this clearly demonstrates the need for human centricity in using Gen AI. Any use of AI should support and enhance human capability, it should not be used to replace people’s jobs and skills. Regardless of how or why AI is used in any business, it’s imperative that human judgement, insight and perspectives remain at the forefront.

Copyright: How do I know the content and images I am using are genuine?

With creative AI art generators ability to create just about any kind of image you require, suddenly marketers have an entire design team at their fingertips. AI art generators take a text prompt and find the best matching image. To return the best image, these AI generators are trained on millions, if not billions of images through two models.

AI art generators are extremely useful for any brands looking for new images for your website, social media, emails, anywhere you want a creative refresh quickly and with limited budget. Some AI art generators are free but more premium models start from as little as $5 per month.

But what if you were to use an AI Art Generator, and the images it generated and used were copyrighted? What if images it found using open source AI were not real at all?

There are many tools you can use, make sure to pick a reputable one, you can find yourself one here. Or, if you do have legality concerns with using an AI art generator you can use Generative AI by Getty Images – a Gen AI image generator that is only trained on Gettys licensed images, thus protecting you from any kind of copyright infringements.