Facebook Messenger Lead Gen forms

Facebook Messenger Lead Gen forms

20 January 2022 |

Social Media

Using digital marketing & social platforms has been one of the most popular and effective methods for a variety of different businesses to reach potential new users, engage with them & generate leads or sales.


Facebook is one of the leading choices for any advertiser to do this – with almost 1.9 billion daily active users, vast targeting options (including demographic, interest, behavioral, purchase intent etc.) and a variety of different ad formats available. One of Facebook’s more unknown ad formats is the Messenger Lead Ad – which can help businesses start one to one conversations with users, generate qualified leads & then convert them into long term customers.


These lead ads help start a conversation with your target audience specifically in the Facebook Messenger app. This allows potential users to bypass intrusive phone calls and emails, yet still maintain efficacy and immediate responses. Some of the other benefits of using Messenger lead ads include:


  1. Instant lead capture, which automatically generates the users information such as name, gender, location, time zone
  2. Direct one to one conversation to help close sales
  3. They are mobile optimized, which is important considering that 5% of all Facebook traffic is on mobile
  4. Most consumers prefer to chat in real-time with a businesses than talk on the phone or email
  5. Automated responses & follow ups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  6. Advertisers can scale these one to one conversations by using chatbot automation
  7. Chat bots allow for personalization by asking a variety of different questions and providing multiple answers


All of these benefits can lead to a boost in performance in terms of both lead volume and cost per lead acquisition. If you want to want to learn more about Messenger Lead Ads and how they can help your business, our team of dedicated experts are willing and eager to help.