Latest AI developments in media

Latest AI developments in media

13 February 2023 |


Within the Media and Advertising space, Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the potential to revolutionise the way we work, simplify content building, super-power search engines, and optimise programmatic advertising’s efficiency.

New AI applications helping marketers automate tasks and improve efficiency

  • AI-powered algorithms incorporated in Ads optimisation applications like revealbot, IBM’s AIOps, adext, can detect patterns in user behaviour on a larger scale, and automate ad targeting accordingly, leading to more effective, data-driven digital advertising campaigns.
  • Google’s TensorFlow or Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning – a place to create machine learning models that learn & process data for advanced automation & performance optimisation.
  • With AI Chatbots being integrated into the majority of popular social media platforms to facilitate the customer service process, Social Media platforms now continue to leverage this technology to encourage creative content creation. TikTok’s AI-enabled effects helped Brands & Users create graphics & audio with little to no help from creative experts, while its algorithms used a “psychographic predictive model” to identify users’ characteristics and helped maximise engagement rates.

AI powered Search rapidly evolving by the day

Across Search Engines, AI technology is becoming more prevalent as tech companies are leaping to action after ChatGPT’s popularity escalated in the last few weeks. With ChatGPT still taking place across different global news channels,  Microsoft has beaten Google to the first mover position & promptly introduced its brand new AI-powered Search engine interface in Bing. Its Edge browser now came with highly ChatGPT-like features like composing emails & paragraphs and has successfully received positive feedback for this new integration.

AI Applications to consider in your business

Depending on your business’s capacity and needs, here are a few initiatives to consider to make the best out of this newly-emerged market trend: 

  • Microsoft Advertising: Due to the prevalence of Google across markets, Microsoft Search has been an underrated channel across many industries. Now is a great time to be testing out Microsoft Search engine and leverage the newly emerged traffic here while getting early learnings on how Search campaigns can be best optimised with AI now being integrated.
  • Focus on the testing & researching side of AI-enabled features: Allocate a ‘Test & Learn’ budget for AI-generated content, whether in the form of text, videos or images. Embrace long-term thinking and seek compounding effects from early adoption of this technology. 
  • Get ready to adapt to any future algorithmic changes across platforms, especially those that are already changing like Search engines. Be prepared to revise your strategies & steer your Branding activities towards the next-best-tech, whether it be getting an AI bot to recommend your Brand, or learning how to collaborate with AI apps to perfect your content.

With large and small tech firms now unveiling and expediting their AI-enabled projects, marketers need to stay on top of the rapid changes happening in this field. Too busy to sign up for a free trial of ChatGPT right now? We got you. Reach out to an ADMATICian today for advice on how you can navigate AI’s impacts and leverage new opportunities for your digital media strategy. 

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