19 June 2020 |

Social Media

LinkedIn is a social network specifically designed for career and business professionals to connect with people across the world for work purposes, building a customer base, potential partners and more recently professional education. It is effectively the world’s largest professional networking website. LinkedIn has a unique reach towards individuals who are looking to not only be entertained, but to achieve their ambitions. Use LinkedIn to target users who are experts and leaders in their field (40%), users who are searching for new opportunities (55%), and users who are looking to improve their career (59%).

LinkedIn targeting

LinkedIn has 20 targeting dimensions to help you define your ideal target audience

  • Job experience – job titles, job function, seniority, years of experience, skills

  • Education – member of schools, fields of study, degrees

  • Company – names, connections, followers, industry, size

  • Demographic – gender, age, interests, member groups

Create customised targeting audiences with LinkedIn’s match audiences using a range of data sources such as:

  • Website visitors

  • CRM data such as email addresses

  • Account based marketing

  • and Lookalike audiences

What ad formats are on LinkedIn?

  • Native Ads: run sponsored content as single image ads, video ads, or carousel ads across the LinkedIn feed on desktop and mobile

  • Sponsored Messaging: send message ads or conversation ads to engage with your target audience

  • Text Ads: run text ads to drive traffic to site

  • Dynamic Ads: dynamic ads automatically personalise your target audience with your brand to help you build brand awareness

If you are interested in how LinkedIn can be integrated into your next campaign, contact us.