Meta’s AI announces new tools

Meta’s AI announces new tools

23 October 2023 |


Meta’s AI team is in the process of developing a set of fresh advertising tools designed to fine-tune its AI offerings. Meta has announced the AI Sandbox in which advertisers can experiment with generative AI features, as well as introducing new enhancements in their Meta Advantage suite of automated ad tools. These tools have been developed to open an era of creativity, productivity, personalisation, and effectiveness for advertisers.

Meta’s AI Features:

Meta’s aim is to gain insights into what proves effective for advertisers and subsequently integrate these features seamlessly into our ad tools. The initial stages consist of crafting tools such as text variation, background generation, and image cropping, which will enhance aspects of ad content, such as making the text more captivating and refining creative elements.

  1. Text Variation: Produces various text versions to emphasise key elements within an advertiser’s content, providing advertisers with the flexibility to experiment with diverse messages tailored for specific audiences. The process includes learning your current ad copy and then providing you with a selection of series based on Meta best practices.
  2. Background Generation: Generates background images using text inputs, enabling advertisers to experiment with a variety of backgrounds and expand the range of their creative resources.
  3. Image Outcropping: Modifies creative elements to suit various aspect ratios on various platforms, such as Stories or Reels, streamlining the process for advertisers and reducing the need for extensive time and resource investments in repurposing creative assets. In other words, if there is no custom creative available for placements, the system can simulate the extended visuals and fit them to different placements. 

These tools have the potential to assist in combining diverse creative components. When coupled with Meta’s Advantage+ targeting capabilities, they could expand the array of creative choices available within Meta’s ad systems for individual users. This, in turn, has the potential to enhance the performance of advertisements.

Limitations Of Meta’s Generative AI

Keep in mind that while these tools offer valuable features, it’s essential to be aware of their limitations. It is necessary to closely monitor each generated element to ensure that the system does not produce subpar or nonsensical content.

What to expect from Meta Advantage

Today Meta is unveiling fresh features within Meta Advantage that highlight the adoption of AI for advertisers, provide greater creative flexibility, and facilitate more effective performance evaluation. These include:

  • Switching manual campaigns to Advantage+ shopping in one click
  • Using video creative in catalog ads
  • Rolling out Performance Comparisons
  • Improving performance with Advantage+ audience


It is believed that there is significant potential across all applications to leverage Meta’s AI for enhancing the experiences and ad performance of both advertisers and users.

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