TikTok’s New Search Ad Toggle

TikTok’s New Search Ad Toggle

06 October 2023 |

Social Media

What is TikTok’s Search Ad Toggle, and when did it launch?

TikTok announced a new feature for advertisers, TikTok Search Ad Toggle, a powerful search experience where users can find a vast amount of information at their fingertips.

TikTok has been known to excel at its ability to grow your brand awareness with its performance-driven content to a broader demographic. Based on a study, TikTok users are 170% more likely to discover new brands on the platform and out of these, 4 out of 5 users research products and brands they find using TikTok.

How does Search Ad Toggle work?

TikTok Search Ad Toggle is set by default when you set up an In-Feed Ads campaign. Ads are automatically created using the advertiser’s ad content and served against related user queries alongside the organic search results. While the ads are labeled “Sponsored” content, the ads will mirror the in-feed TikTok experience which heightened user experience. TikTok has shared that 70% of ad groups are claimed to have a more efficient conversion with the toggle on and has a potential of 24.1% more ad recall when ads look native to the platform.

Why do you need TikTok Search?

TikTok Search ad toggle allows ads to be shown based on user intent. With this new feature, customised visibility is more than just feasible every time. Brands have the most probability of showing up next to content relevant to their business, providing users with a more personalised experience.

The more we optimise our ad placements and audience targeting, coupled with a seamless user experience, the more it will result in better ROI.

How to place your video on top of search?

The customer journey is designed with an infinite loop model in mind by running highly customised content to their users with neither start nor endpoints based on user’s behavior and preference.

Here are some things you should look out for when creating TikTok Search Ad Toggle:

Content: Videos on TikTok are entertaining, highly engaging, and powered by joy. Your content should embody these positive feelings to your niche audience, keeping in mind that TikTok’s demographic is skewed toward younger age cohorts.

Keyword: Much like other paid search platforms, you would want to select relevant keywords to trigger your ads.Thinks of terms that your audience may search for to trigger the ads you want them to see.

Targeting: Specify what your audience demographic, interest or location is. While TikTok search ad toggle allows the algorithm to decide on its users’ intent, you would also want to set a guideline to enhance this feature.

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