Predictions for In-Game Advertising by Admix

Predictions for In-Game Advertising by Admix

13 May 2021 |

Media and Advertising Industry

Gaming platforms are no longer just games, they are now entertainment sources for the masses. With a quarter of the population actively playing games daily, it is a channel advertisers should not ignore. In-game advertising presents a new opportunity for brands to connect with a younger, extremely engaged audience. In the context of an evolving advertising climate, littered with privacy concerns, less traditional channels are an increasingly hot topic for marketers. According to Admix, the in-game inventory is a unique space to reach users natively, in “hypercasual” gaming environments. As the market continues to grow, the future of advertising in games is en route to becoming more immersive and 3D.

Admix published a series of predictions into how brands will interact with gamers by 2023.

Product Placements

  • Product placements would mean advertising in a 3D world where banners, videos or 3D virtual products are inserted within the games. This type of advertising would not intrude or interrupt the users game, creating a positive experience. Admix predicts 90% of world’s largest brands will use in-game advertising via product placements by 2023.

Virtual Goods

  • Virtual goods are items that can be earned or purchased in-game and then added to the player’s inventory. Recently, League of Legends and Fortnite have pioneered digital collaborations with brands like Louis Vuitton to integrate their products in their game. Analysts believe virtual goods to be a $190 billion industry by 2025, with a particular focus on fashion & sports apparel.

Virtual Events

  • Admix believes in the near future, brands will pay gaming platforms to do their launch event in-game. Last year, Lady Gaga and other artists announced One World Together at Home, a concert that took place in the virtual world of Roblox. The concert reached over 100 million users. Given the vast reach available brands are predicted to leverage this channel in future to reach their audience on mass.

Alongside these ad opportunities, Admix has also made predictions for the use of player sponsorships, digital loyalty programs and virtual land ownership. 

Admix has partnered with digital ad verification company Integral Ad Science to offer measured and verified advertising inventory. The partnership marks the first of several initiatives to standardise in-game viewability and performance, according to Admix CEO Samuel Huber. Reaching a span of 2.5 billion players worldwide, in-game advertising is certainly one of the key players in the innovative ad space.

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