Revolution360 changing the street poster industry with digital approach

Revolution360 changing the street poster industry with digital approach

05 August 2021 |

TV, Print, OOH, Radio

Out of Home (OOH) media provider Revolution360 is launching their latest product 360Intelligence, designed to clean up the street poster sector. The media provider sees street poster advertising in Australia as an untapped opportunity for OOH advertising. “The street poster industry hasn’t evolved with the rest of the market. Our aim with launching 360Intelligence is to bring our street posters into the now with a level of sophistication and complete transparency” says Samantha Summers, VMG’s Head of Marketing.

The new OOH format aims to drive away the negative connotations associated with being a ‘guerrilla’ medium, and revolutionise the Street Poster. Revolution360 will be integrating with Seedooh, a OOH technology provider, to allow for independent verification of every OOH posting, for every campaign. This will allow advertisers to gain insight into the average number of people who view an OOH ad. Essentially, giving the client the ability to measure success of their campaigns.

“​​This data and verification proposition is the next step in paving the way for the street poster industry to move out of guerilla marketing and in line with more traditional out-of-home formats, while still retaining their unique character,” said VMG chief executive Michael Fishwick.

How does it work?

The new Intelligence360 will give advertisers the ability to choose from profiled audiences across OOH panels (street poster locations) through mobile location data. This data will provide an overall reach-based metric and view on the users’ interests.

Why should you care?

A report from IAB Australia, Attitudes to Programmatic DOOH, highlighted a 10% rise in trading pDOOH by agencies in 2020. PWC’s OOH outlook report indicated that although there was a 39% decrease in revenue for OOH in 2020, the share of investment for digital assets increased YoY in 2020. Advertisers are increasingly preferring and requiring the flexibility of buying OOH digitally. With data revealing advertisers preference for pDOOH over traditional OOH, Revolution360’s new product launch opens more opportunities for dOOH.

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