Spotify Audience Network Arriving in Australia

Spotify Audience Network Arriving in Australia

01 July 2021 |

Display, Video, Audio

What is happening?

Spotify is expanding its Audience Network ad marketplace to Australia, allowing further reach for brands across content both on & off platform. After launching earlier this year in the US, Spotify has seen a 60% adoption of Audience Network across its US podcast advertiser base.


What does this mean?

The marketplace allows advertisers the opportunity to buy inventory according to their target audience, rather than podcast titles. This increases targeting capabilities by streamlining the ad directly to the desired consumer, bypassing the contextual guess-work previously required.


What will become available?

Advertisers will now be able to target based on demographic, geography and audience segments. “We’re now just giving advertisers a whole new way to buy podcast advertising. So I definitely think not only will it be an incremental upsell to existing music advertisers, but it gives us an opportunity to go after new categories of brands.” said Australia and New Zealand regional head of ad sales Peter Manten.


Why podcast inventory?

With the Spotify audience base showing a growing interest in podcasts, Spotify has almost quadrupled the number of podcasts available in the last year. 25% of monthly active users (globally) engage with podcast content, with advertisers keen to take advantage of this boom in engagement.

“We’ve signed up a number of advertisers already and the demand across all categories, genres, has been significant”. Spotify is seeing the greatest interest from Australian advertisers across finance, automotive and FMCG.

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