TikTok Launches Brand Lift Study

TikTok Launches Brand Lift Study

24 June 2021 |

Social Media

What has happened?

TikTok have launched their Brand Lift Study business feature allowing advertisers to collect first party data via the platform. The platform is partnering with Kantar as its third party verification measurement partner, ensuring data accuracy.

What is Brand Lift?

Brand Lift Studies are an experimentation feature offered by several social business platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and now TikTok. A Brand Lift Study allows a brand to measure the true impact of an ad on exposed customers, asking consumers how they perceive your brand. The study is prompt, though being interactive prompts a high response rate from users.

How can you use it?

The study prompts users to answer a multiple choice question about their opinion of the brand, allowing advertisers to analyse the success of their ad in influencing consumer perceptions. TikTok will allow advertisers to select one of four questions, providing insight into how ads have impacted recall, favourability and engagement. TikTok says the question will appear natural and organic, “In true TikTok nature, TikTok Brand Lift Study is an immersive, in-feed polling experience, with music and motion graphics that users have known and love about TikTok.”

What does this mean?

As TikTok continues to grow as an immersive platform globally, across a wide scale of demographics, the brand lift study will increase the capabilities the platform can bring to advertising. This will not only verify the success of campaigns run across the site, but increase advertisers trust across the notoriously risky video inventory. “As we continue to scale, providing advertisers with choices to fully understand the value of their ad campaigns on TikTok is fundamental to our mission of being transparent.”

Think brand lift could be a solution for your next campaign? Reach out to us to find out how we can take advantage of TikTok’ s latest feature.