TV Squared – Cross Platform TV Measurement

TV Squared – Cross Platform TV Measurement

05 October 2020 |

Display, Video, Audio

TV Squared is a leader in cross platform TV measurement and attribution. The TV Squared attribution model is now available to use across the MediaMath DSP. It allows advertisers to buy, measure and optimise Connected TV alongside mobile and display activity. 

Throughout 2020, we have continued to see a shift from linear TV to Connected TV and therefore it is crucial that advertisers can measure and execute this channel like others across programmatic activity. 

What is Connected TV? 

Over the top content (OTT) is TV content that is delivered outside a traditional cable operator system, over the internet via streaming devices such as desktop, mobile, table and Connected TV. 

Connected TV is broken out by: 

  • Smart TV
  • Gaming Consoles
  • OTT Devices ( Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Prime)

CTV is full screen 98% viewable. CTV is also a primarily click free environment (users can occasionally click when watching via gaming consoles). Given that a user cannot click a Connected TV impression, measuring reach and frequency of Connected TV advertisements is crucial in measuring the success of a campaign. 

Connected TV Attribution:

ADMATIC runs CTV via the MediaMath DSP and MediaMath offers Connected TV attribution to match IP addresses from CTV devices to users who have visited the campaign site and are captured by the key pixels. MediaMath applies attribution to 3 key pixels from the campaign and provides insights such as impression timestamp, strategy name and pixel name to display when the user was exposed to the ad and from which audience strategy it came from. 

TV Squared – Cross Platform TV Measurement & Attribution: 

MediaMath partnered with TV Squared to allow advertisers to tie Connected TV activity to business outcomes, reach and frequency figures so advertisers can report back on CTV performance. It does this by the implementation of TV Squared pixels into the advertisers creative. This  allows reporting back on key performance metrics and allows optimisations throughout the campaign’s flight. TV Squared measures TV based on how consumers watch it; via different devices, platforms and time periods. As the medium is growing rapidly, it is crucial for advertisers and media buyers to understand consumers viewing habits to effectively target them across multiple devices. 

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