JCDecaux Launches programmatic offering

JCDecaux Launches programmatic offering

08 April 2021 |

TV, Print, OOH, Radio

Programmatic outdoor has been a hot topic of discussion for the past few years with the majority of Australian outdoor companies successfully trading a varying degree of their digital inventory programmatically. The market has been waiting for the two main players – JCDecaux and oOh! Media.

JCDecaux has finally unveiled their programmatic offering across 100% of their digital inventory, due to go live mid-April. This will be a game changer for advertisers and agencies. The capacity to trade Decaux’s inventory programmatically will open up opportunities to an array of advertisers with greater control and flexibility over their budget and less reliance on having to trade and book in the traditional capacity, being locked into fixed terms contracts.

The introduction of JCDecauxPROGRAMMATIC is another step forward in revolutionising the outdoor industry, seeing out-of-home’s network of digital screens form a part of the wider digital ecosystem. JCDecaux CEO Steve O’Connor outlines how the shift to programmatic provides the capacity for outdoor to see a share of digital media investment; “Programmatic out-of-home is now part of the broader digital universe, sitting alongside programmatic online in omnichannel buying platforms. This gives us an opportunity to take a share of the $9.5 billion invested in digital media in Australia each year.”

JCD has forecasted that in the next three years, media buyers will begin using programmatic for over 10% of their bookings with this to increase the more comfortable agencies get used to the system. Adding JCDecauxPROGRAMMATIC inventory, formats and locations into the existing network of vendors and programmatic screens will ultimately result in an increase in investment into the channel, and diversify the split between programmatic outdoor and traditional outdoor investment for ADMATIC’s clients.

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