Vistar Media

Vistar Media

10 February 2022 |

TV, Print, OOH, Radio

Vistar Media is a programmatic provider of digital out of home inventory. The business’ offering includes both DSP (demand-side) and SSP (supply-side) platforms that allow for holistic, data-driven & measurable digital out of home (DOOH) transactions.


The available venue types across Vistar allow traders to programmatically access a range of points of contact within the outdoor environment; these include:

  • Entertainment: such as sports & movie theatres
  • Health & Beauty: including gyms
  • Office Buildings: reaching users in corporate contexts
  • Traditional (digital): billboards, bus shelters & urban panels
  • Point of care: doctor’s offices
  • Retail: including gas stations, convenience stores, grocery, malls & pharmacies
  • Transit: airports


With the above networks & environments available via a programmatic trading basis, this allows media buyers to flexibly reach users in different states of mind and points of purchase. Vistar’s digital outdoor offering includes a range of vendors; being the largest source of DOOH inventory available. Vistar boasts relationships with 6 major global holding companies with international coverage across Australia, Canada, UK, USA and New Zealand. Some of the key players across Vistar Media are oOh!, JCDecaux, QMS, VMO, Scentre Group and more.


So why invest in outdoor programmatically, rather than a traditional direct transaction?

The flexibility of the programmatic landscape allows advertisers to mould the campaign to leverage the success of the activity within. By removing constant back and forth between brand and publisher, the automated buy streamlines the activation of campaigns. Vistar also helps media buyers avoid the minimum spends and high cost commitments of traditional buys; and allows for an added layer of targeting & attribution. Vistar can measure & report on active campaigns in real time, and collect user device IDs to retarget exposed devices across other channels such as display.


How does Vistar connect with Audience across outdoor?

Vistar uses GPS  location data and technology to understand where consumers are going, where they spend their time and what their consumption patterns may look like. 

  • Behavioural patterns: Vistar leverages GPS patterns to understand where consumers are spending their time and money. They then analyse this data to create audience persona segments to allow advertisers to reach their target audiences as they move throughout the day.
  • 1st and 3rd Party Data: Vistar are able to link GPS location data to advertisers 1PD to target specific segments. For example, targeting loyalty card holders vs targeting users who have a fast food delivery app on their device.
  • API based triggers: A partnership with IBM’s weather FX solution, Vistar allows brands to target depending on specific weather or health conditions. For example, targeting users on a 40 degree day with an ad for an ice-cream or air conditioning. 


Looking to try out of home advertising but deterred by minimum costs? Get in touch with your ADMATICian to find out how you can start investing in outdoor environments programmatically with Vistar.